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Direct yet conceptual. Provocative and engaging. Design & illustration for brands, publications, and people.


Brian Steely

Brian Steely has built a cult following based on his unique monoline style. He's a disciple of simplicity believing in eliminating the unnecessary so that the necessary can speak loud and clear. Shout-out to Hans Hoffman. While Steely is known for his cool, calm demeanor, his first big break came in the form of a panic — specifically, Widespread Panic. The band was on tour in Atlanta and he designed a poster on a whim and flipped it to them. They dug it and so began Brian's love affair with designing for musical artists and their love affair with Brian's work.  

More than twenty years later, Steely is a prolific designer who still takes pride in taking risks with his work. His reputation has earned him a rockstar following in social and design circles that he grew organically simply by being passionate about his work. His raw, minimalist and tactile aesthetic has attracted high-profile clients clamoring for his distinctive and thought-provoking visual solutions. The soft-spoken guy that can say a lot with very little has earned the right to be very discerning with the brands he now works with. Whether it's surfboards, software, bands or beer, pro football or national parks, Steely’s work is simply unforgettable.


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