Steely Works




Building a dominant brand starts with heart-stopping design.




Logos / Identity Systems / Typography / Style Guides

Branding is a powerful interpretation of an existing story. Whether you need a logo or a robust identity system, we use a variety of tactics and channels to spark an emotional response that connects people to brands. There's a reason brands with fanatical followings choose us time and time again.




Design Solutions


Signage / Environmental Design / Package Design / Apparel

We believe the best brands are unpredictable. We love to experiment in different substrates and encourage our clients to go beyond the expected. Together, we will surprise and delight your audience by creating unforgettable encounters with your brand across a variety of mediums.




Scalable Team


Our team is fluid, and we can quickly scale to meet the needs of nearly any design challenge. Because we know it’s the small projects that feed a brand’s appetite for the big ambitious stuff, we collaborate and cross-pollinate our talent with a full-service marketing agency named Jackson Spalding. So big project or small project, we’ve got you covered.