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Arawak Cycles


This project started with one word. Fierce. A bike framer from Brooklyn approached us about illustrating a badge. Arawak Cycles is the passion project of David Rodriguez, a descendent of the indigenous Arawak people. Because this badge would live on the front of the bike frame, it had to say a lot in a small space.



Arawak Cycles Inspiration

The indigenous art, our monoline style and metalwork made for a powerful partnership.



This Is What Fierce Looks Like

Inspired by the Arawak avian iconography, we crafted this owl shield. Every line is intentional. We wanted people to see the owl and get the feeling he knows a little more than he's letting on. As we all fell in love with the badge, we talked through material options. The answer was obvious. It had to be metal. A fierce mark for bikes that are "fiercely made in Brooklyn."

Arawak Cycles
Arawak Cycles
Arawak Cycles Steely Bike



"Brian Steely is a true visionary. A true master of his craft. His work is very clean, crisp and timeless. It has been a true honor working with a person who is as humble as he is talented. I will forever be grateful for the work and impact he has done for my brand."

David Rodriguez
Arawak Cycles




Jen Green - metal head badge creation